Video Content

Editor Position

Looking for video content editor work and have experience with YouTube and TikTok? We are looking for a motivated and talented individual to join our team as our video content editor.

The ideal candidate must be able to work independently and be able to take direction well.

Primary duties will include:

– Editing long form video content for YouTube
– Editing short form video content for TikTok and Instagram
– Working with a team of creators to come up with video concepts
– Must be able to work within tight deadlines and take directions well
– Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects experience is strongly recommended

Additional duties that are helpful, but not required will include:

– Animated graphics, lower thirds, and subtitles
– Color grading
– Sound design

Upon applying and selecting a candidate, we will begin a 2 week trial period. After the two weeks, we will evaluate if this is a great fit.

Should this opportunity be a great fit for the both of us, there will be increasing pay over time upon the completion of successful benchmarks, as well as consistent opportunities for pay.

If you think you are a great fit, please send your resume and portfolio today through either the message platform, or email it at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Test Editing


The assignment will be as follows:

You will write a content article titled: “What is the ROI on short form video content?”

This will be written in a Google Doc and shared with

The content article must demonstrate the following:

  • The article must have a clear sales argument as to why short form video content for social media will create the biggest return on investment for their marketing dollars. More-so than any other style of marketing.
  • The article must be educational and informative, and using headings and subheadings to strategically answer buyer objections.
  • Bonus points if you will implement SEO content writing strategies.

Previous experience and resumés are not nearly as relevant as your desire and hunger to perform outstanding work.

Please send your test content writing assignment via email to

Once you send over the assignment through email, we will follow up to schedule a time for an interview.

Every applicant that submits a test writing assignment will be scheduled for an interview.

If you do not submit a test, you will not be scheduled for an interview.

Interviews may be subject to one on one, or a group interview depending on our team’s availability.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

Best of luck,

From The Big Money Media Team